When is the last time you took 45 minutes to focus inward?



Self-care is not selfish. 
You cannot serve from an empty vessel. 

-- Eleanor Brownn

During SkillZone’s Mindful Morning sessions, as a member you can bring your little ones to play with us while you take the time to focus inward.

Bring your favorite recording of a guided meditation.  Put on your ‘spa’ playlist.  Or jam out to heavy metal if that’s your thing.  But come any Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 9am to lay down and focus inward for a full 45 minutes, while resting assured your kiddos are busy and beaming in the next room.

It’s free, and it will force you to take that pause that you so badly need but that’s so hard to do when you’re caring for small children.  Come out feeling refreshed and ready to jump back in to your crazy day.

Liza FoxSkillZone