Classes & Programming

our classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are different because we’re different - we focus on quality programming emphasizing skill-building and family education



you've heard about DC's free pre-kindergarten, but have you combed through the government websites, done the detailed enrollment research, or fully understood which charter or public schools work best for different families?

Lindsay Ferrer has! she's an expert in early childhood education and will be providing detailed insight into DC’s Pre-K programs


Preschool Prep

nervous about preschool? want to give your child a leg up for their next big step? anxious about those first “drop offs”?

our 6-week Preschool Prep series is focused on helping you and your child prepare for success in a group-based educational environment – whether it’s Pre-K, Montessori, or any group care program

from fundamental skill development, to preparing for transitions, to navigating education options, our program is specifically crafted to help families with children 20 months to 3 years get ready

our experienced professionals with backgrounds in child development, education, speech pathology, and more will guide families in sessions that build over a 6-week curriculum

evolving from parent + child education sessions to full drop-off ‘preschool practice’, sessions occur once per weekend from 9-11am

both parents / primary guardians are encouraged to attend to maximize the benefits for the whole family



what to expect from Preschool Prep


outcomes for your child

  • gain independence – build self-esteem and self-awareness

  • boost social skills – play nicely, share, and take turns with others

  • become a student learner – adapt to a routine and follow instructions

  • work on listening – practice sitting still (momentarily!) and listening skills

  • transition successfully – separate from parents / caregivers and adapt to change with confidence

outcomes for the family

  • reduce stress during drop-off transitions by being able to see your child on live video stream

  • understand appropriate expectations for your child’s abilities and behaviors based on stage of development

  • develop strategies to help the whole family through times of transition and managing change

  • be equipped with take-home exercises and strategies to continue boosting your child’s readiness for classroom success



Program Tuition

*membership not required

**15% discount for current members

our Preschool Prep program $399 tuition includes a 6-week series of 2-hour sessions for the whole family, PLUS a free “O” elemeno family membership!

that means your family can enjoy play time inside SkillZone and the STEM Family Lounge 3 times in the month, outside of class

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Schedule & Application

Preschool Prep sessions are 9am-11am and are offered on a Saturday or Sunday track. We do not have a series open currently.

Future dates TBA
(apply now & get updates on future dates)


Adults as Guides in the Child-Led Learning Process