Coworking for professional parents

because parenting doesn't end Monday at 9am

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All the amenities - plus kids!


Everything you'd expect from a modern coworking space in a model that actually works for your young family

  • flexible seating areas & private phone rooms
  • secure, fast wifi & printing
  • presentation-ready conference room
  • free coffee, tea, sodas and stuff
  • unlimited access (business hours)


  • live camera feed of children's play areas
  • babies in carriers welcome anytime
  • schedule a Play Buddy for your child so you can focus on what you need to do


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kid free, guilt free

Play Buddy (child drop off)

We assign a Play Buddy to help your child play and learn through our Montessori-based centers at SkillZone. You have time to get some work done, relax, or do what you need to do


  • 90-minute sessions, up to 3 hours / day
  • offered 7 days / week
  • $12 / hour - bonus 4 hours free each month for children 3 and over
  • individual attention with specially-trained, CPR & First Aid certified Play Buddies (maximum 3:1 ratio)

Ready to JOIN?

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