7 ways to impress when planning your child's birthday party

Here are 7 surefire ways to impress your guests at your next birthday party for a little one:

1.  Friends don’t make friends drive 45 minutes to a strip mall

How many times have you packed the family up to drive to a random strip mall for yet another kids’ party?  Don’t make your friends battle the beltway just to end up in a location with nothing else to do.  Host your party somewhere your guests actually want to be, with plenty of things to do pre- or post-party, and they’ll love you even more for it!

2.  It really doesn't have to be pizza!

Offer some variety and more healthful alternatives to greasy pizza and impress your guests without breaking the bank.  Stick to finger foods and snacks.  No one expects a full meal at a birthday party anyway, but they’ll love the options if you provide a simple spread with a variety of snacks to choose from.  (This helps those with dietary restrictions and with particularly picky little eaters, too!)

toddler birthday.jpg

3.  Focus on the adult experience

The kids are going to have fun no matter what.  Give some thought to what the adults are going to do during the party.  Will they be able to chat with each other?  Where will they sit?  What will they eat and drink?  Are they going to leave with a headache from booming music, flashing lights, and weird smells?

4.  Ambience for the win

You wouldn’t throw a party at your house without the perfect playlist, or without hanging those extra mood-setting lights and extras.  At your child’s party, play some tunes everyone can enjoy and think about the party’s overall vibe to make sure everyone walks away impressed.

5.  Let the kids be kids, especially the birthday kiddo

Don’t try to force your child or your guests into planned activities and scheduled things they don’t want to do.  They want to be together and have fun.  Host your party somewhere that lets them do just that – while also providing enough options to make sure no one has the chance to get bored.

6.  Be good about the goodie bags

Every household has enough cheap plastic toys and stickers.  No one says goodie bags are necessary, but if you want to provide your guests with something special to take home, consider edible options (cookies, snack mixes) or gifts that might actually be useful (books, socks in your party’s theme, etc.).

7.  Don’t forget the adult refreshments

What party isn’t a bit better with a little beer and wine?  Adult drinks are a great way to enhance your theme too – a morning party with muffins and mimosas, a beach theme with some sangria and beer from the tropics, etc.

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