"It isn't just a place where kids can play... they can develop and make friends"


(Yelp 5 STAR review from one of elemeno's earliest member families)
I have been taking my daughter to SkillZone since they opened a few months ago. We both love it and I cannot imagine what life would be like without it!

It is wonderful to have a space near my home where my daughter can play with a variety of toys and equipment. Everything has been very carefully curated and thought out with child development best practices in mind. The space is always very clean and even when the toys get strewn about the staff resets everything regularly.  The staff is friendly, caring, and professional. They seem to know all the kids and parents by name and remember fun details about them.

I feel SkillZone has really helped my daughter with her physical and social development. It isn't just a place where kids can play for a few hours, but a place where they can develop and make friends. SkillZone is great for parents who take care of their children full time or for families with nannies. I find the membership price to be very reasonable because I take my daughter there 2-4 times a week and we spend 1-2 hours at a time.

I love that they are now offering opportunities for child drop off and wellness and social programs for parents and caregivers. SkillZone is just awesome!


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