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Searching for a kid or toddler birthday venue? Celebrate with us! We plan kid-friendly activities and handle cleanup so you can focus on having fun with your little one.


We'll make it simple. You make the memories.

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How it Works.

Reserve our entire space exclusively for you and your guests, and let's create a completely customized party that the kids will love and the adults will actually enjoy!

You can bring any food / drinks and special decorations. You also choose what music to play and what to display on the big TV. And, of course, we do ALL the setup and cleanup.

  • Book your party on a Saturday or Sunday, in the morning or afternoon

  • We offer beer and wine, so the adults get to party a little too

  • Invite up to 20 kids (+ their families), total max. 60 people

  • Evening parties can be extended for an additional fee




20% Off



*discount varies based on membership type

"I had my granddaughter's 2nd Birthday Party here and everyone had so much fun.  I like that it  was a private event and the kids and parents could enjoy the space all to themselves."

- Ursula M., Yelp reviewer

Let's Celebrate!

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