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SkillZone indoor play - early childhood classes - family education - early STEM skills - family social events - kid-free time



it all started here - our carefully curated, beautifully designed indoor play area provides the perfect educational environment for young learners

based on leading early childhood development science and Montessori educational models, SkillZone not only entertains the little ones but helps them develop critical skills as they play and make new friends


hours of fun-
tons to learn


Classes & Programming

babies and young children learn by doing, and they learn best when they have time and space to explore, experiment, and express themselves

our purpose-built educational environment means that every visit is a learning experience for our member children - a class every time you come in

rather than pushing a quantity of classes, our early-learning philosophy emphasizes quality educational programming with a focus on skill development and family learning opportunities



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open on evenings and weekends, our STEM family lounge is the perfect space to engage with your children in a relaxing educational environment

every activity has been selected to encourage early science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and be something you can do together as a family

Calming Environment

Calming Environment


Family Games

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Educational Fun

Cozy Spaces

Cozy Spaces


Bring BACK YOUR SOCIAL LIFE - connect with other families


Effortless family time

we make it a breeze to engage as a family, and we help you take that occasional break every parent needs



our members are as cosmopolitan as our city - come make new friends and connections

We Got The Beat

special events

concerts, egg hunts, parade-watching parties, daddy-daughter dances and more

Date Nights

Date Nights

steal away for some adult time while we entertain the little ones

Sign Language Story Time

Parent Education

discussions with parenting and child development experts while the kids play


Kid-Free, Guilt-free

let us take care of the kids for a while through our Play Buddy service - learn more here


Ready to Play & Learn with us?