“Elemeno is a moms’/dads’/kids’ sanctuary… It’s all here.”

- goop

The Latest Trend in Co-Working: Child Care “Our members tell us how they appreciate that they can do their jobs and raise their kids at the same time … We help make the life of parents of young children easier.”

- CityLab

The 'Apple Store' of Play Places - "You know that rejuvenated feeling you get after a spa?  You just might get the same feeling after an afternoon [at elemeno]...really!"

Red Tricycle

"DC's baby boom generates private club for parents, kids... [with] sessions led by child development experts, such as story time, sign language and baby hip hop."


Elemeno “is unique in that they are creating a community for parents to be a part of... an active group offering events like date night, article club and lunch club."

- Do DC with Kids

"We were immediately in love with the minimalist, modern design that caters to both children and parents."

- Our Kids

Looking for some quiet time?  The FocusZone... provides a low-key space during peak and often crowded times (mid-morning and after school)."

- Mommy Nearest