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Request for Proposals: Marketing & PR Consultant

elemeno is seeking a dynamic, locally experienced marketing and public relations (PR) consultant to help our growing small business accelerate in its third year of operations. This Request for Proposals (RFP) encompasses the development of a marketing strategy, key messages and brand themes, and provides opportunity for an ongoing engagement in a retainer and/or hourly structure.

About elemeno

Created by local Capitol Hill parents in January 2017, elemeno has quickly grown to become a hub for young families in the community. Since opening as SkillZone nearly three years ago, elemeno has evolved and expanded in response to strong customer demand while maintaining commitment to our founding purpose and values – keeping the parent experience at the center of everything we do. More information about elemeno can be found on our website:

Our marketing and PR needs

We are proud to have established a strong brand, with a great reputation in the community and loyalty amongst our member families (our customers). After growing and evolving for the first couple of years, we have a refined and solid product. We are ready to move from the first wobbly toddler steps to the scary-but-exciting bolt run of an almost three year old.

We have specific growth targets based on number of members, percent growth in specific areas, and introduction of new services that will aid in this engagement having clear goals and measurable results. We have clarity of purpose in who we are, what our brand is / can be, and where we want to go – and now we are looking for expert marketing and PR help in getting there.

Responsibilities and deliverables

The marketing and PR consultant will be responsible for the following:

1. Develop a marketing strategy framework, including:

a)     Near-term – targeted actions and products to achieve identified goals in a 6-month surge

b)    Long-term brand and revenue maintenance – ongoing and cyclical actions to maintain brand prominence and solidify / replenish ongoing revenue streams

2.     Collaborate to define key messages and brand themes:

a)     Analyze existing messages and branding

b)    Provide suggested improvements and changes to key messages and branding, supplying initial suggestions and supporting two rounds of collaborative input and feedback to refine

3.     Propose a continued engagement structure whereby consultant will help implement the strategies and actions defined above, potentially through a retainer, hourly, or incentive-based compensation plan

Engagement expectations

  • Week 1: research current state, including interviews with ownership and staff, surveying online reputation, reviewing past and existing materials

  • Weeks 2-3: develop required deliverables in an iterative fashion, meeting with ownership frequently to ensure alignment on direction and requesting / receiving frequent input

  • Week 4: present draft deliverables and collect comprehensive feedback in a half-day working session with ownership

  • Week 5: provide revised deliverables for acceptance by ownership and propose continued engagement structure for implementation activities

Qualifications and preferences

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in marketing, communications, or closely related field

  • 5 years of progressive experience in public relations, marketing, and/or communications

  • Understanding of the experience of caring for babies and young children, either directly as a parent or in a similar role

  • Strong familiarity with the Capitol Hill and Washington, DC, community – specifically as it relates to the parent experience as well as the local micro- and macro-economic picture

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, meaning someone who excels in flexible, changing environments and is interested in being a part of business growth and development

The successful candidate will demonstrate a command of marketing and PR principles and approaches, an understanding of the rewards and challenges faced by parents of young children, and a passion for developing innovative approaches in a growth-centered business environment.

Engagement structure

elemeno anticipates contracting directly with the successful candidate for a defined scope of work, with future consideration for a continued engagement structure. Contracted consultant will be expected to be onsite for initial surveys and defined planning / collaborative meetings. Consultant will have access to elemeno’s coworking lounge, if desired, during the term of the engagement.

Proposal submissions

Qualified professionals are asked to submit 1) a resume / portfolio and 2) a summary proposal including the areas below. Proposals should be submitted electronically to Liza Fox at

The purpose of the proposal is to briefly demonstrate the consultant’s understanding of elemeno’s vision for this engagement and an overview of the proposed approach to executing it.  Nothing in this request or a submitted proposal will constitute a contract, commitment, or agreement between the parties – this is for informational purposes only.

Proposal summary (approx. 1 page) should include:

A.    Summary of professional & educational qualifications

B.    Overview of approach to marketing responsibilities / deliverables

C.    Demonstrated understanding of the parenting community and local economic picture

D.    Proposed consulting rates for completing initial engagement (deliverables 1-2) and high-level approach to a continued compensation structure