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Request for Proposals: Early Childhood Development Consultant

Elemeno is seeking a dynamic, entrepreneurial early childhood professional to develop and implement a preschool preparatory program for families with children 18 months to 3 years.  This will be a new program within our established business serving families with young children and will be an extension of our existing baseline of early childhood development and parent-focused offerings.  More information about our current business offerings can be found on our website:

1.    About the Elemeno Preschool Prep Program

Supporting children during transitions can have far-reaching effects on their emotional well-being and academic success, and big transitions can trigger strong emotions in adults as well as children.[1] This is especially true for families with young children who are transitioning into a preschool or other group-based educational environment.  Elemeno’s Preschool Prep program will help these children and their parents develop the skills and coping strategies needed to not only prepare for the next step in their child’s development but to better equip the whole family for a seamless, successful progression.

Expectations for the program structure are as follows:

·       Families will enroll in a several-week series, likely 6-8 weeks, with curricula that build over time

·       Sessions will be approximately 2 hours once per week, likely Saturday and/or Sunday mornings

·       Parent involvement will decrease as the program progresses, evolving from hands-on parental engagement to ‘drop-off’ sessions

2.    Responsibilities

This consulting professional will be responsible for:

·       Collaborating in the development of the format and in creating detailed curricula for multi-session program series

·       Leading 2-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings, being the lead teacher in charge of the full class with assistance from staff aides

·       Incorporating and recruiting, as appropriate to the curricula, guest teachers and professionals for specific sessions (e.g. language specialists, preschool teachers/administrators)

·       Serving in an early childhood development consulting role for Elemeno’s overall business, likely through a monthly retainer agreement including a number of consulting hours per month

3.    Engagement expectations

·       Nov-Dec 2018 – collaboration on session format and structure; curricula development; marketing material development; initiation of consulting retainer activities

·       Jan-Feb 2019 – first preschool prep program series begins, likely 8-week series with one session per week per group (one class Saturday mornings, second class Sunday mornings resulting in 4 in-class hours / week); consulting retainer activities continue

·       Feb 2019 – program review and assessment, with changes incorporated into next series

·       Mar-[continues] 2019 – next preschool prep program series begins; consulting retainer activities continue

4.    Qualifications and preferences

·       Bachelor’s degree or above in early childhood development, education, or closely related field

·       5 years of progressive experience in preschool, child care, or related setting working directly with children 18 months to 3 years old and their parents

·       Deep understanding of the experience of caring for babies and young children, either directly as a parent or in a similarly demanding role

·       Entrepreneurial mindset, meaning someone who excels in flexible, unstructured, and ambiguous environments and is interested in being a part of business growth and development

The successful candidate will demonstrate a command of early childhood development principles and approaches, an understanding of the rewards and challenges faced by parents of young children, and a passion for developing innovative approaches in a collaborative, growth-centered business environment.

5.    Engagement structure

Elemeno anticipates contracting directly with the successful candidate for a defined scope of work and a monthly retainer for on-demand consulting services, although differing arrangements may be considered. 

Contracted consultant will be expected to be onsite for defined class hours, defined business consulting sessions, and limited planning / administrative meetings.  Onsite time requirements are anticipated to be very limited during planning phase (Nov-Dec) and approximately 8 hours / week once program begins (Jan+).

6.    Proposal submissions

Qualified professionals are asked to submit 1) a resume and 2) a one-page summary proposal addressing the following areas.  Proposals should be submitted electronically to Liza Fox at

The purpose of this proposal is to briefly demonstrate the consultant’s understanding of Elemeno’s vision for the Preschool Prep program and an overview of the proposed approach to developing it.  Nothing in this request or a submitted proposal will constitute a contract, commitment, or agreement between the parties – this is for informational purposes only.

Proposal Summary (~1 page) should include:

A.    Summary of professional & educational qualifications

B.    Overview of approach to preschool prep program development

C.    Personal experience with children 18mo-3yr and their parents

D.    Preferred engagement structure & proposed consulting rates

[1] National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning;